Can you visualize…

… walking into your own allied healthcare class fill with excited students ready to learn; or tapping into the multi-billion healthcare training industry: positioning yourself in two of the top industries (EDUCATION & HEALTHCARE) as Certified Allied Healthcare Trainer.

Clueless on getting start or which programs to offer: Totally normal,I have been there.

No Experience, Low-Investment, No Time: Been there, too.

My first healthcare business was a healthcare recruiting services in 2004. I have developed and launched courses for universities, small business, and entrepreneurs since. In 2007, I created a fully functional College of Allied Healthcare Programs for an university;still operating today. In 2010, I launched an allied healthcare technician school. Becoming a Certified Allied Healthcare Trainer is the perfect move.

Are you ready…

So, you have been dreaming of launching your own training course, yet you haven’t launch it yet? With an AHT Coach a click away, can assist with becoming a CAHT, business development(core start-up to advance requirements, program/s selection, course/s development, etc). Let’s walk the milestones together…so let’s turn your dream and into reality




Meet the coach…

Hello! I am Yaschica Agoro, the founder of Entrepreneurs’ Milestones Consultant to assist companies and individuals create, develop, and launch profitable products. I am the creator #BecomeCAHT, a 8-weeks online rigorous courses that helps develop & launch profitable healthcare technicians’ programs ; #RemoteRecruiterCash, an 8-weeks online intensive courses that training individuals how to make $150k or more as a remote recruiter without a direct contract.


About me: veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Chair of Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science for 4 years; Director of Allied Healthcare for 11 years; creator of marketing products, business development; and SBO’s coach for 15 years. Founder of Selma Innovation Technology Training, E-SITTI, Madison’s Uniform Corner, Shaun’s Variety Shop, SITTI’s Jumps, College of Allied Healthcare; Co-Founder of L&M Cleaning Services, JP Constructions, West Alabama Youth Services of Marengo, West Mobile Medics