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Why This Course is So Great...

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    Education is $4.4 Trillion Dollar Industry Global. Healthcare is $4.2 Trillion Dollar Industry Global. So, why not take a double piece, let's get a slice from each industry by launching a health course.
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    Expertise in Healthcare, Course Creation, Business Developer, Web Designer, Copyright, and Launch Strategist Coach is The Ultimate Opportunity!
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    Identify your topic: whether it's wellness or health in general. Maybe you identify training deficiencies or training enhancement or want to introduce a brand new program or technician; Let's turn your idea into a reality as you are guide down the correct path
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    Former College Chair & Professor, Health Director, and Adult Educator with over 20 years of expertise in healthcare and course development. Whether you confusion and have no idea where to begin,course overload you had no clue how to implement the data to your audience, or maybe you just need to scale up your course. I am ready to walk the milestones with you! .

See What the Course Entails:

7 Milestones  that will will guide to Launch Your Own Health Course

Milestone 1: T.E.L.L.

Duration: 2h 45m

Why AHC is the Right Choice? How to Teach, Effective, Lectures, and the Best Locations

Milestone 2: Triple B's 

Duration: 2h 30m

Back to the Basic of Business. Identify the your niche course; target audience; and your deliver method/s. Curriculum structure. 

Milestone 3: C.S.I. of Contracting

Duration: 1h 30m

Don't worry about gaining contracts. The C.S.I. of contracting helps you gain several contracts prior to Milestone 4. (Don't wait until your course is launch, Get your Contracts Now!) 

Milestone 4: Tech It

Duration: 3h 55m

Let's build your brand. Web Presence, Content Creation, and Brand It. Prior to Milestone 5: you will have create a website, Landpage, BIO, business email, business number, etc.

Milestone 5: Go L.I.V.E.

Duration: 2h 55m

All the way LIVE, launch our course prior to fully develop it. Yes, gain money before you end complete the course. This is great for trial and error or for your audience to provide you more insights. Prior to Milestone 6, you will have made money off your MVC.

Milestone 7: Launch into Trillion Dollars Industries

Duration: 1h 55m

Pinpoint numerous of ways to make money off your course. Monetize your course in over times 7 methods.

Milestone 6: ERVs

Duration: 3h 55m

Establishing Relationship with Vendors will be a break you or make you. Provide you with a list of vendors and how to establish a relationship for your specific course need. Prior to Milestone 7, you will have set up at least 2 vendors account.

Meet the Coach

Hello! I am Yaschica Agoro, the founder of Entrepreneurs’ Milestones Consultant to assist companies and individuals create, develop, and launch profitable online business and/or product. I am the creator of: #LaunchAHC, a 8-weeks online rigorous courses that helps develop & launch profitable course;#RemoteRecruiter, an 6-weeks online course. This This a very intensive course that training individuals how to make $20,000 or more monthly as recruiter or staff agency. Let’s me show how it can be done without direct contracts. I am also a PROUD veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

Healthcare & Business Expertise:

Yaschica is an expert in Healthcare with over 20 years of expertise from clinical to educator with over 15 years of as a business developer & SBO's coach.Chair of Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science for 4 years; Director of Allied Healthcare for 11 years; creator of marketing products, business development; and SBO’s coach for 15 years. Founder of SITTI, Madison’s Uniform Corner, Shaun’s Variety Shop, SITTI’s Jumps, College of Allied Healthcare; Co-Founder of L&M Cleaning Services, JP Constructions, West Alabama Youth Services of Marengo, West Mobile Medics Why not work with the best! 

Recruiter Expertise:

Yaschica has over 10 years of talent acquisition extensive experience in sourcing, recruitment campaign marketing, and HR administration, working in various industries such as Healthcare, Higher Education, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Computer Hardware/Software, and Finance. Supporting companies of all sizes, from public companies to small start-up companies. Yaschica focuses on helping clients with an efficient and effective recruiting process that yield high growth.

"Success comes to those who engage in opportunity."

 What You'll Get

7 Milestones to Launch your Health Courses that you can access on online, one on one coaching, group coaching, FB group, etc.


Each milestone will include at least one or more assignments, worksheets. Most importantly, each milestone leads to the finally production of your course.

7 Milestones to 60 Days of Development

Let's talk about how to get start. First, schedule a FREE consultation  so we can make sure, we are the perfect fit. 

Awaits Your Call to Launching 

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What People Are Saying...



"I was initially unsure if a program like this would be for me, but once I started I was very happy with the level of education. The milestones definitely assisted me in launching my own healthcare training certificate program."

kevin Peterson, ER Technician



"This course is so in-dept, the methodology use here is brilliant. Not only, does it guide you into developing your own health course; it prepares for contracting and gaining students. Dr. Yaschica, you Rocks!"

Terri Coleman, RN



"Let's see you get a personal coach that knows her stuff; when the course is over, you have develop,create, and launch a full healthcare program. AMAZING, Right, wait she doesn't leave you there; she educated you own gain contracts, vendors, students, and staying compliance!"

Chris Fields, Surgical Tech

Is This Course Right For You?

Who is this for

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    Healthcare Professions: Nurses, Technicians, Technologists
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    Entrepreneurs seeking to start an healthcare training courses
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    Healthcare Retirees 
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    Individuals seeking to teach health course

Who is this not for

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    Nursing students
  • times-circle-o
    Med students
  • times-circle-o
    Non-Healthcare professions
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    Non-Medical professions
Launch Your Health Course within 60 Days

Satisfaction guarantee. Enroll in this course, complete the tasks and assignments in each milestone. Prior to the end of this course, you should have develop your own MVC, curriculum, lecture method, gain contracts with the ability to launch a profitable course. 


Bonus Section

Access to a private Facebook Group

Include with Package B & C, private FB discussion groups. Shared content for each student.


Office Hours = weekly webinar/conference call

Every Monday @ 7 pm for Package B, we will recap the previous milestone prior then start working on the next Milestone. Each milestone will have certain Task & Assignments which needs to be complete prior to next webinar.


HOT Limited Bonus

Bonus 1

Free Access to E-Learning Platform ($3795 value)!  Build your course or courses.

Bonus 2: 

Create a Webinar ($497) for your course. Webinar has a 25-30%

conversion-rate. You don't need to be tech savvy or waste $$$ on hiring someone. I will show the most cost effective way.

Bonus 3:

Build an email list within 5-7 days ($497 value). Let's not throw away  $$$ on buying leads or email list with ZERO returns.

Bonus 4: 

3 Months of Free Teachable Access ($297 value). Set up your course less than 24 hours and being make money.

Bonus 5: Pay in FULL Clients

2 Live Sessions with Me ($397 value)

Start Today! 

Package 1 (Coach Me):  only $150

  • One-on-One Coaching Session
  • 45 Minutes
  • Access to Coaching Worksheet Prior to Session
  • Enroll in Package A or B, the cost of the session will be discount from your package

Package 2: (Done With You Course Development) only $1497

  • 7 Lessons
  • FB Group, Weekly Webinar
  • Exclusion Bonuses
  • Free Lifetime Access to E-Learning Platform
  • Live and/or Email Support

Package 3 (Done for You) only $4500-9500

  • Done for You
  • Complete Course Development Services
  • 3 FREE Revisions
  • Free Hosting on our platform
  •  Exclusion Bonuses
  •  Free Lifetime Access to course and content
  • Unlimited Support



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you have payment optional? Yes, you can split your payments into 2 or 3 payments?

What happens after I purchase the course? You will receive a welcome email on how to get start and what days & time your live webinar will begin.

How long do I have access to the course? Lifetime

Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Schedule a Free 15 minute Consultation.

How can I get a refund? Never sign into the course, never attending a website, never downloading any content information, never participating in a live session; Submit an email or hangout message request refund. NO REFUND will be given to anyone who has been participating or access the course. 

Why should I buy this course instead of [competitor's]? This course is specific for individuals seeking to start an allied healthcare or health course and monetize their skills. Taught by a healthcare veteran with over 20 years of expertise.

Don't be Left Behind: Get [Course] Today!

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