Start Your Own Healthcare Training Business

Now more than ever the healthcare sector needs more qualified training facilities, the world keeps accelerating at a pace that we all can barely keep up. Every day the healthcare industry expands and advances, trying to catch up with the pace at which other industries are advancing. You are needed! To balance the demand and fast advancement of the industry more healthcare training businesses are needed. 

Are you ready to dive into this highly lucrative business? This course will: 

  • Cover in-depth all the details and step-by-step processes required to set up a healthcare training business.
  • Expands your knowledge and understanding of the benefits, pros, and challenges of diving into the highly profitable education and healthcare industry as a training faculty.
  • The entire program consists of 6 detailed courses, live calls every week, interactive webinars, workbooks to build mastery, and seminars.

The time range for the entire program is 6 months, it can also be completed within 90 days at an accelerated pace, it all depends on your preferences.

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Hello! I am Yaschica Agoro, the founder of Entrepreneurs' Milestones Consultant, the creator of #CAHT (Certified Allied Healthcare Trainer),  #HealthcareTrainingBusiness premium 6 month course, #LaunchYourOwnHealthcareCourse in 30days, #RemoteRecruiter premium 6-weeks online course. I assist companies and individual to create, develop, and launch profitable online business. These are very intensive course that train individual how to make or tap into the trillion $$$ industry or gain extra income monthly.

With over 20 years of business development extensive experience in course development, sales and marketing, sourcing, recruitment campaign marketing, and HR administration, working in various industries such as Healthcare, Higher Education, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Computer Hardware/Software, and Finance, Supporting companies of all sizes, from small start-up companies to public companies.

My primary focuses on helping clients and individuals with an efficient and effective course process that yield high ROI. 

 Let's walk the milestone together.


Daniel o.

Healthcare Director

"Yaschica is an expert course developer and instructor. Owning my own allied healthcare school has always been one of my dream; I signed up for Yaschica’s fully developed course due to my long hours at work. She tailored my two courses to my needs and marketing needs to enroll students. Yaschica’s years of experience working with course development & healthcare as college chair and director clear shows --- the blueprint provide was clear and concise; the courses were outstanding. She explained to me as a bonus marketing brochures, complete students’ packages, and more. My courses have run four times in two terms; we are looking forward to serve more students in the future."

helen a.

Phlebotomist Supervisor

"I'm a Phlebotomist Supervisor with over 20 years experience, I contacted Yaschica because many new hires need something extra. The fact that she knows Healthcare and has worked in the field for over two decades truly makes her a vital person. She listens to me rant on about the situations; we developed a curriculum and implemented a better training problem tailored to our facility needs. Yaschica is definitely “the go-to person for starting a healthcare course or facility”; I highly recommend her services."

roseline A.

Retired Registered Nurse

"Retired RN here, I was seeking to start my training school. Several of my coworkers recommended Yaschica because someone they knew went thru her training school. She assisted me with creating an action plan and business model. She provided me with up-to-date healthcare resources, including but not limited to textbooks, how to get contracts with organizations as trainers and contracts to help my students get trained, developed curriculum and schedule to meet my available and students, guidelines, regulations, and regulations policy. My courses have run several times; I am enjoying the structure that Yaschica helped me built."

About Me.

YASCHICA AGORO is the CEO of Entrepreneurs Milestones Consultant (EMC), provides consulting services to businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to start a business in healthcare training, recruiting, or establish healthcare course. She is the  founder and director of Selma Innovation Technology Training Institute, LLC, and training, research, and mobile medical exam firm located in Selma Alabama. Yaschica is a graduate of Army Medical Department center and school of Fort Sam Houston, TX; A graduate of Faulkner University of Montgomery, AL; an upper-graduate of Walden University of Minneapolis, MN.

She served 10 years as a medical specialist in the U.S Army. She has over 20 years of clinical healthcare experience in civilian and federal organizations. She served as a chair of Selma university's Science, Mathematics, and computer Department. She has developed the college of Allied Healthcare in 2008 for Selma University; enrolling over 300 students into the allied health care programs. In 2011, she was invited to Oxford University to present her research on Juvenile obesity. After her contract end with Selma University, She established an affordable and accelerated allied health training and research facility to serve Black Belt and surrounding areas.

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