Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach to help in your business?


5 Secrets to a Successful Business Coaching Relationship


I want to share with you why every investment that I’ve ever made in our company has ever made into coaching and mentoring has produced a positive ROI.

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we had not invested in working with coaches and mentors. We’ve done it consistently year over year and we work with many different kinds of coaches to support our businesses.

If you look at the top performers in any given industry, whether they’re athletes, artists, in business — they all have coaches.

You have to keep an open mind and you have to understand that it is you that will create your success and no one else — but a good coach will get you there a lot faster.

There is no Olympic athlete who does not have a coach. There is no artist that never had a coach or a mentor or someone to help them to bring out the best inside of them — to unlock their potential, to get a certain result faster than them trying to figure it out themselves.

When I want to share with you is the real secret to why we have always seen a positive ROI working with a coach.

1. It’s On You

We never go into a situation where we work with a coach or a mentor and we think that it’s their job to make us successful.

It’s our job to find the right coach that can help us to get to where we want to be, but it’s not their responsibility to ensure our success.

That’s our responsibility. This is really important because I see a lot of people who will reach out to work with with a coach and they almost expect the coach to make them successful.

They’re looking at putting in the minimal amount of work and they’re expecting the coach to do all the hard work for them. That’s not how it works. If you expect that, you’re setting yourself up for some real disappointment.

2. You Control Your Destiny

It’s fine to work with a coach, but if you’re not prepared to put in the work or to follow the recommendations that you receive, or you delay on taking action on those recommendations, you’re not going to get the results that you’re hoping for.

Understanding that it’s on you and that your actions are ultimately what will create success is critically important.

3. Go Full-on With Implementation

We’re always thinking…

Who should we work with?
What are specific areas of our business we looking to improve or tighten up?
Who’s expertise can benefit from?
We may already know some or might have someone in mind, or we might spend some time searching for that person.

But once we find them, once we say “OK, let’s do this.”

Then we go into action. We don’t just sit back and do the minimum amount required to be successful. We do as much as we possibly can. We go full on.

When we start an engagement with our own coach I’ll wake up earlier if I need to. I’ll stay up later when my family is asleep. I’ll put in an extra hour to work if, if that’s what I need to do. I’m fully committed to implementing as much as I possibly can.

I want to take as much action as I can based on the recommendations that the coach that I’m working with is providing us.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself: you buy a book or a course or program and you don’t really do that much with it.

You feel excited and empowered that you’ve made the purchase, but then you don’t implement it, and then you look back and kind of regret it.

Or maybe you even have been in a situation where you blamed the person or the creator of the product or program or whatever it is because something didn’t work out well.

If it’s working for some people, then it means that there’s a possibility that can work for you.

The question is how committed are you to ensuring that it’s going to work?

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