I’m Robin Waite, business coach and mentor. In this video, I offer a case study of the typical work I do with a business owner, identifying the weaknesses of a business and suggesting creative solutions to problems.

I give examples of some of my clients who’ve been willing to take a hard look at the status quo and make necessary changes for growth and success. Are you a business owner who’s unhappy with how things are, but stuck in a mindset of fear and reluctant to change? A business coach and mentor can give you the nudge you need to turn your business around.

I meet many business owners who misdiagnose their problems. For instance, they may believe the only way to grow is to increase marketing, when they should focus instead on their broken processes. When I consult with a client, I’m able to objectively pinpoint the weaknesses of a business and suggest ways to strengthen areas of concern.

I’m here not to feed you specific tactics to improve your business, but to help you develop your strategy. I talk to you about your goals, your core products, ideal pricing, and your customer’s journey. Once you’ve got your tools in place, we discuss implementation and marketing. I want to change your mind about business, get you thinking like an entrepreneur, distinguishing yourself from your competition, and re-investing in yourself.

As a business coach and mentor, I have a front row seat to the weaknesses of a business. I know how business problems can prevent you from growing or cause you to fail. I hope my video inspires you to take charge and make changes so your business is successful, rewarding, and fun!

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