In this video, Michael shares a story from his college days about responsibility and how it effected his grade and he never forgot it! Take a moment to watch this video, then reflect on how well you are taking responsibility of your results. Are you doing a great job? Or maybe you have room for improvement? Let us know how you are doing in the comments below! Thank you so much for watching!

Send me your tough questions about sales and I may answer them in a future video!

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📌About Michael Neuendorff of Build and Balance:
Michael has 25+ years of sales and marketing experience; extensive team building and leadership experience; teaching, training and mentoring experience and a proven ability to think creatively and listen deeply. Michael was a marketing director at Oracle Corporation and an assistant manager of direct marketing at Softbank Forums. Michael has also been a top inside sales manager and a private English instructor in Tokyo.

If you are interested in working with Michael, please contact him at​ ​or (650) 373-2022.

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