What are the benefits of mentoring? ProfileTree had a chance to hear an example of how mentoring and coaching can used in a powerful, practical way thanks to a visit from exam coach James Perry.

James, of James Perry Exam Coaching, also discussed motivation and business growth during his discussion in the ProfileTree studio.

He outlined his own entrepreneurial journey and how this connects to the unique accountancy exam coaching service he provides today.

“I’m a Chartered Accountant by professional, accountancy was always ‘in the blood’ early on so I did an A Level in accountancy, degree in accountancy and a Masters in accountancy.

“I qualified in 2006 with Grant Thornton, one of the bigger firms, then went into industry. I was in accountancy practice for around 10 years, two years in industry and four years in government.

“Now I’m on a career break to develop my own business. I suppose I’m moving out of pure accountancy and now my work is along the lines of coaching as there’s definitely a need to help and mentor people through the process, after all becoming a qualified accountant is tough.”

James said that, because James Perry Exam Coaching takes such an innovative approach, his business has no direct competitors.

“A couple of people have called me the first accounting exam coach on the planet.

“There are plenty of lecturers and plenty of tutors, I myself had my own lecturing company teaching accountancy, but I saw a gap in the market in terms of mindset and motivation as well as study and exam techniques and actually holding people to account.

“The big thing that people get from me is that I will hold them to task. If you have to get a past paper done and you need to get it to me today, I’ll expect it today.

“It’s that accountability, that coaching and prompting, that’s slightly different.”

How does James explain the difference between coaching and mentoring in a practical sense?

“A coach is for short-term projects and will come in probably for a 10 – 12 week period to get you through that exam. But I would mentor some other people through longer-term projects if they had two or three exams back to back. If they qualify as an accountant I also do career coaching.

“I’m a long-term mentor to two or three people now and they see me as someone they can lift the phone to at any stage for any advice about the profession.”

Find out much more about mentoring, coaching and the work of James Perry’s coaching company by watching his full ProfileTree video interview.

Contact James Perry – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesperrycoach/

ProfileTree – https://www.profiletree.com/

Summary: Benefits of Mentoring? Business Coaching, Entrepreneurship & Motivation Explored With James Perry

Explore some valuable insights into personal development, learning and development, peer mentoring, workplace mentoring and more through our interview with accountancy exam coaching specialist James Perry.

James also discusses the coaching industry, accountancy exams, starting up a business and much more.

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