If you enjoy this video, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE πŸ‘ˆ How are you spending your time? As a business owner, we often wish we could duplicate ourselves. The likelihood is, however, it’s not a cloning machine we need, it’s learning how to spend your time and energy on the RIGHT tasks. Let me explain…

In the course of your day to day activities you’re probably spending time on low skill, low enjoyment tasks. This is certainly the case for many of my business coaching clients.

These low skill, low enjoyment activities are ones you don’t enjoy doing and that others could easily be doing instead of you.

By plotting your tasks on a skill fun matrix you can immediately identify which tasks fall into this lower left quadrant (low skill/low fun), allowing you to start delegating this workload off your plate.

By being more deliberate about how you spend your time you’ll free up time to focus on your zone of genius, namely the types of tasks that you are uniquely qualified to do – the tasks that will drive your business forward.

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