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Join #Upland, the earth’s metaverse where you buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to the Real World. Become a digital landowner and run a virtual business to earn UPX coins. Connect with fellow Uplanders to build one of the largest communities and digital marketplaces. Be the True Owner of your digital assets because Upland is a dApp powered by Blockchain Technology.

NFT Storyline:

The legend of the “Seedheadz” better known as “SHZ” was created when a normal guy like you and me, was sucked through a portal sending him into the Metaverse with a pocket full of SEEDS. Yep, seeds. While traveling through the portal, he heard a hip-hop playlist that basically gave him the blueprint to become a Legend in the metaverse. Listen to that playlist here:

After meeting with the metaverse Master Grower, HGF was granted 34 Keys to help migrate 34 people to the metaverse with all the tools needed to become a legend also.

The Master Grower didn’t expect the mutation with the seeds in HGF pockets to form new NFTs. 70 at that. This is how Funksvilles became. The Seedheadz needed their own community within the metaverse. Hence, “Evergreen Lasher Gardens | Detroit”

In order not to reveal the special powers of the Seedheadz, time was needed to allow each SeedHead discovery and honing of their powers before destroying the metaverse if said powers were to go unharnessed.

In order to ensure that the Seedheadz would have longevity in their new world, 6 special Seedheadz were created by the master grower. These Seedheadz were known as Doctors.

The Seedheadz searched the metaverse looking for land to send their families to live on before the end of 24 months and they became full-grown and needed to reproduce
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