Business Coaching designed to Win at Business. Who wants to lose a business, no one. When you hire the right coach winning is easy. Each business coach needs these three things, know it before you hire them. The first thing a winning business coach needs is to have built at least a 7 figure business themselves. how can anyone coach a business owner to do what they could not? Here is the interesting part most coaches have never actually done the work. They just sell coaching and many are good at selling coaching.

The second thing is can they still do what they are asking you to do in your business. If a business coach is applying for the job they must be able to help that business WIN.

The third thing a great business coach needs is to keep you accountable. They need to help push you in the right direction and out of your comfort zone. Winning at business is a formula and business coaches that know the formula are worth their weight and your weight in gold. Business skills do not come easy and business coaches who win in business are hard to find.

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