Business Coaching FAQs – 3 Things Christian Coaches & Consultants Should Know to Grow Their Business
#ChristianBusinessSuccess Series

In the last few months, I have noticed that many Christian coaches or consultants have similar questions and have a hard time finding answers in one place. So I created this video to share with you my thoughts and what I tell my clients to do when faced with these 3 areas.

This video covers why even though you are posting across different social media platforms, you are not getting much in the way of results. The second question covers why you are not yet attracting your ideal clients and the last question is about pricing strategies.

By sharing my story with you, I hope to both inspire and encourage you to do the same as you build up your personal brand business and shine bright for God in the marketplace!

Learn 3 Things Christian Coaches & Consultants Should Know to Grow Their Business …

00:00 – Introduction
01:27 – Question 1 – Social Media Posting Not Getting Much Results
07:50 – Question 2 – Why do I not attract my ideal clients?
10:51 – Question 3 – How do I price properly?


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