Do you operate a restaurant or hotel? Are you struggling to get the most out of your people? Hospitality coaching might be the right thing for you.

Denise Franck Aboody is a business coach who specializes in business coaching in the hospitality industry, mostly working with restaurants. We had the pleasure of interviewing Denise and asked her the following questions:

0:24 What is leadership coaching?
0:40 What is the difference between business coaching and training?
1:08 What do I look for when shopping for a coach?
1:21 What are your unique qualities as a coach?
1:36 How do I measure return on investment (ROI)?
2:00 How long would you be my coach?
2:22 How does the process work?
2:49 Would you share a success story with us?
3:37 Any final words of wisdom? is the web’s largest network of independent life and business coaches.

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