If your work isn’t for everyone, you’re probably doing something right, especially when that work uses channeling abilities in your business coaching. Which is, of course, why I think the work that Erik Luhrs is doing is so phenomenal. Erik is known as the Bruce Lee of revenue generation and is the creator of Revenue Kung-Fu. He works with entrepreneurs, experts, leaders, and founders who are driven by a purpose, mission, or vision that far exceeds their current level of “success” and helps them to move beyond whatever holds them back, so they can rapidly grow their business and achieve their desired outcomes.

I’m pretty blown away by this practice because I agree with Erik that nobody goes out there saying, “I want to tap into my beingness to get rich.” They go out there asking, “How do I get people to click on my email? How do I get more people to click on my post on Facebook?” Erik’s approach is to make his clients see that your business is just a vehicle for self-development throughout your life. Let’s get on with a very intriguing episode right here and dive down below the superficial to where incredible breakthroughs happen.

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For transcript, actionable checklist, and links and resources, head on over to the episode show notes: https://www.getyourselfoptimized.com/291

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