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Is Your Business In Trouble And In Need Of A Turnaround?

Is Your Business Struggling To Get To The Next Level?

Do You Have A Brilliant Business Idea And Don’t Know Where To Start?

I’m Haroon Rashid and I’m a Business Coach in Leeds UK. I believe that whichever stage you’re at, business success comes down to 2 principles – ‘Clarity is King, Simplicity is Queen’.

I’ve used these principles to turn around 3 multimillion-pound businesses, grow 2 companies from local to global and help countless people get their business idea successfully out of their heads and into the real world.

I’m really good at helping people understand where they are, clearly define where they want to be and get them from A to B in the best way.

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Sometimes, business owners just need to talk things out with a trusted person. You might have no idea with what’s wrong or where to start in your business. Or perhaps you have some ideas that you just want to bounce around. Whatever your need, this Free Discovery Session will give you the chance to get clarity.

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