Hi! Paul Avins here founder of the Business Wealth Club and author of Business SOS and Secrets of the Wealth Accelerators.

I am going to just outline to you why I decided to create the business wealth club, what we’re about, and what the benefits to you are as a business owner in terms of being part of this amazing business growth community.

If you haven’t come across me before, my background is one of overcoming adversity, building businesses for the first 10 years of my career, investing in personal development, and becoming a specialist in sales and marketing, successfully building 5 businesses before losing everything by the time I was 30 in the crash.

I believe that personal development improves business performance, and I went on to become a multi-award winning top business coach within Europe, in a global business coaching franchise, where I became a global trainer actually training other business coaches from around the world.

I have gone on to be an author and international speaker, and have driven and creating the Business Wealth Club to help entrepreneurs and business owners just like you to take their business to the next level.

I have been coaching now for over 8 years, I have trained over 1,200 business owners through the Business Wealth Club, and its events and I have personally coached over 157 different entrepreneurs, and over 20 multi-millionaires. One other thing that I can tell you with absolute clarity is that wherever I go in to work and wherever I speak, there are three things that worry business owners today.

1) is how do I get more customers? I don’t think I have ever met a business owner who doesn’t want more customers.

How do I get more customers, but also in today’s, how do I keep the ones that I’ve got, because life and business is very much about getting customers and keeping customers.

How do I get the customers that I want and how do I get the customers that I’ve got and keep them and get them to buy from me where my competition is doing everything to try to lure them away?

2) whether you are in the UK or in the US we now have clubs in both countries the key question is how do I make more money?

How do I grow the bottom line of my business, because ultimately I want to get rewarded and secure my business and my families future.

How do I make more money when everyone’s margins are reduced and prices are going up, commodity prices, even things like food, fuel, everything is on the rise?

Finally, you read the question that everybody is asking themselves nowadays is what is going to happen to my market because the business cycle and evolution is quicker than ever before.

Industries are literally being born, developed, and dying in a 10 year period or even 5 year periods. Before they would take 20 or 30 years to do that. We know for sure is that technology is speeding that up. The question is where is your marketplace going? How do you need to change and evaluate your business, and if you had a crystal ball to give you the answers to those three questions.

This led me to create something that I would want to attend myself. I have been to too many events both paid for and networking events where I just came away from feeling that I didn’t get any value or that I was sold on. Y ou may have sat in a room and been pitched at for hours thinking “well, I have gave up a Saturday or Sunday of my life for this, and I paid to be here, or I got in here for free on the promise of value and get sold to” you are told that you need to spend five or ten thousand dollars, two thousand pounds, whatever, to get what you need in the secret to success, fundamentally I just think that is wrong.

I think, the world has changed and we want to get access locally to great information, great training, and great coaching which is why our vision is to build the world’s most dynamic network of business growth clubs for entrepreneurs, just like yourself, and as I said, we are already expanding internationally and are looking for more partners to do that all the time.

Now I am ready to go on a mission with you which is to deliver world class business training and personal development that fast-tracks business owners to success, we are about delivering world-class, and I take that word very seriously, we really do work hard to make sure that our content is world-class.

Hopefully you can see just from these few slides that we invest heavily in making things look really elegant, simple, and beautifully crafted, and digestible because we use techniques like accelerated learning so that you can get access to great information at lightning speed so you can go out and apply it that day. I think that is key whether it is CDs, books, DVDs, our online learning academy, whatever the format is that you want to digest the content that is what we are all about.

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