Wendy Phillips, CEO of Big Buzz, has been a People Biz business coaching client for over 11 years. She and her leadership team have participated in our Leading Change Program and our Coaching Clinic Program, boosting their measurable results from their coaching program.

“I started coaching with Alicia Marie right around 2008, and I was a solopreneur, drowning in business – that’s a good problem to have professionally, but personally it was slowly killing me. Alicia Marie has well-documented processes, videos, and manuals, so when it comes time to develop my leadership team, I can tap her and all of her resources to do so. I think the one thing that I can see from the work that my team is doing, is that we have a common language, a coaching culture, and everyone is showing up with willingness, which is a byproduct of the coaching. This is hands down the best investment I’ve ever made for my business.” – Wendy Phillips

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