BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS is always better for business than buying second-hand leads – or digging through lists that everyone else has. That just makes sense!

CTS BUSINESS COACHING THIS WEEK: Ty & I share another phone call we had with an auto transport broker (which reminded me of a car hauler I talked to the day before) about building better CAR SHIPPING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS by talking to car dealers – and getting to know WHO they are, WHEN they buy cars, WHERE they need cars shipped and HOW you can help them with their auto transport problems.

CAR DEALERSHIPS SHOULD BE YOUR CORE CAR SHIPPING BUSINESS CUSTOMER. Think about it. Who helps car buying customers shop for cars? Who eats, sleeps and dreams about moving automobile inventory? Whose job is it to get cars on the lot and move cars off the lot morning, day and night? You’re right, that does sound like car dealership AND auto auction. Remember: most car buyers that shop online still go to a dealership to buy their car.

LEAD GENERATORS AND LOAD BOARDS are for everyone in the entire world of car shipping. If you are still growing your business, you should be focusing on your niche! Who do you know that sells cars? Almost everybody knows a car dealer or somebody (maybe a family member) that works for a car company. If you’re passionate about car hauling and you love cars, chances are good you know somebody that works around cars. Talk to them. See if you can find a way to get invited to go with them (or someone they know) to the auto auction.

ALL CARS NEED TO BE TRANSPORTED ASAP! The longer a vehicle sits at the auto auction yard, the greater the risk for the car dealer and the more money that dealer loses per day on that car. The clock is ticking, the car is losing value and the car dealership is accumulating interest payments on that car. The dealer needs to get the auction car moved and sold ASAP! Be the car shipping business that can help the car dealer solve their auto transport problems.

THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY FULL OF CHANGE. OEMs, Car Dealers, Auto Auctions, 3PLs and Freight Forwarders. Rail, Vessel Shipping, Ports and Terminals. Car Shipping Customers, Auto Transport Brokers, Fleet Management Services, Car Carriers, and Vehicle Dispatchers. CRM Technologies, Auto Transport Load Boards, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Car Hauling Mobile Apps. Car Buying, Business Law and Media. IT’S ALL CHANGING RIGHT NOW. Learn with Auto Transport Intel and teach your new customers how you are the car shipping business that can help them.

Read the news. Used car sales are higher than new car sales. They have been for a while because new car buyers don’t have the same income as before. These consumer buying patterns are affecting OEMs, which affects Dealers, Auctions and ultimately Transport Fleets.

Car carriers often complain about low load rates posted on auto transport load boards and point at auto transport brokers as the problem. The question is, “Why doesn’t the carrier find a way to build their own book of business?” Just as I ask the broker, “Why are you building your business on random leads that everybody else has?”

From over 50 years ago up until about 5 years ago, it was CAR SHIPPING BUSINESS as usual. Paper logistics, relative uncertainty, and internal combustion engine vehicles getting moved from point to point. Other than developments in auto transport trailers, car shipping computer software and general trucking and transportation regulatory changes in the ’80s and ’90s (and most recently the FMCSA ELD mandate), the auto transport industry has remained somewhat predictable. But that’s nothing compared to what the next five years are going to be like because the landscape is going to experience MASSIVE CHANGES (Think HORSE Meets CAR).

✅ GET AUTO TRANSPORT BUSINESS COACHING with CTS (Car Transport Services). Connecting OEMs, Dealers, and Auctions to Carriers. Want a successful Car Hauler Business? We care about the Auto Transport Industry! Learn more about CTS Business Coaching at Schedule an appointment or call Ty (right now): 417-483-2764. #carshippingbusiness #autotransportbusiness #businessrelationships

✅ STARTING IN CAR HAULING? READ my Auto Transport Business Startup blog:

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Thanks for making Auto Transport Intel an awesome community!

– Jay, Founder
Auto Transport Intel
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