From Ray Gun and Transworld Skateboarding magazines to surfboards and potato chip bags, David Carson changed the trajectory of graphic design by never following the rules or sticking to the grid. Now the pioneering designer is sharing his intuitive approach so you can send a message with boundary-breaking work. Explore typography, photography, logo design, and more as you learn how to make an impact and trust your gut.

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David Carson is an American graphic designer, art director, and surfer. He is best known for his innovative magazine design and use of experimental typography. He was the art director for Ray Gun magazine, in which he employed much of the typographic and layout approach for which he is known.

David creates work that challenges the perceptions of what graphic design should look like: guided by instinct instead of design norms. His starting place is always to identify the spirit of a piece and what he wants viewers to feel even before they read any text.

Lessons include:
• An Intuitive Approach to Design
• Sending a Message With Typography
• Using Photography in Design
• Putting Yourself Into Your Work
• Developing a Logo
• Life as a Working Designer
• Tapping Into the Power of Color
• Collage Art for Designers
• Working With Clients
• Designing Impactful Magazines
• Designing Your Future

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