I’ve been asked for a couple years now if I would ever teach others to get into the watch business. In recent years, I wasn’t interested because I personally didn’t feel like I knew enough myself. Now I’m at a point where I’m established both on social media and in the industry that I feel I can really help people get their businesses not only off the ground, but on their way to becoming an established name in the industry.

I have 4 spots open at $35,000 for the year. The next round of trainees will start at $50,000 in January. The 3rd round will jump to $75,000 starting in March. The 4th round will be $100,000 starting in June 2022.

Get the benefit of 4 years of experience and trial & error without the setbacks.

Some of the things you will learn:
– Social Media
– Networking
– Where to find inventory
– Where to find clients
– How to establish a brand
– How to establish yourself as a trusted dealer
– How to understand the market in general
– How to avoid fakes, scams, etc.

Serious Inquiries shoot me a message on my personal Instagram @anthonywfarrer and title the conversation Coaching Client. Come back here and drop a comment letting me know you sent me a message and let me know your IG handle so I can go straight to the message.

In the message, let me know your name, any watch experience you have, your current industry, how much starting capital you have(after my fee), your location in the US.

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