After a decade in her dream job as editor in chief of Teen Vogue, award-winning journalist Elaine Welteroth realized she had other dreams worth pursuing. Now, the New York Times bestselling author, multimedia trailblazer, and judge on the new Project Runway is teaching you how to get out of your comfort zone and harness your personal values, passions, and skills to custom design a career path as unique as you are.

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In 2017, Elaine Welteroth became the youngest editor in chief not just of Teen Vogue, but in all of Condé Nast’s history. During her time there, she revolutionized the magazine’s brand identity by integrating coverage of feminist issues, politics, social justice, and activism.

Since pivoting from Teen Vogue, Elaine has continued to be an activist for change, using her podcast “Built to Last” as a platform to amplify the stories of Black entrepreneurs. She’s also a judge on Bravo’s Project Runway and author of the NYT bestselling book “More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say).”

Lessons in this online class include:
• Uncover Your Zone of Genius
• Build Your Career Blueprint
• Build Your Network
• Search for Opportunities and Side Hustles
• Game Plan for Financial Confidence
• Strategize Your Work-Life Balance
• Take the Leap to Be Your Own Boss
• Marketing: Make Your Presence Noisy
• Build Your Team’s Infrastructure
• Essential Writing Skills
• Present Yourself for Opportunity
• Imposter Syndrome, Code-Switching, and Microaggressions, Oh My!
• Navigating Cancel Culture
• Be the Boss of Your Own Life

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