Entrepreneurship Coaching Gets Messy – An eMyth Business Coaching Story

In this video, I cover:

*How the CEO gets caught managing when they need to be growing the business
*How Managers are Underutilized
*Entrepreneurs NEED HELP
*Organizing The Entrepreneur’s Mess


Effective entrepreneurs become leaders and owners of businesses because they are THE REASON the business exists.

While this mythical ‘entrepreneur’ sounds like a demi-god with unlimited resources and power, the fact is…

…They NEED HELP with their businesses.

I just posted a video on the exact method I use to help these frazzled entrepreneurs turn a haphazard idea into a finely tuned plan. you can check it out HERE:

This one’s about ORGANIZATION of the plan’s ideas.

As a business coach, you can help the entrepreneur in ORGANIZING themselves, their teams, and their plans.

See, while entrepreneurs are amazing rainmakers, moneymakers, and risk takers…

…they leave a giant mess in their wake.

As a result, their businesses, albeit money making machines, tend to fall into chaos and disrepair… creating problems that can KILL the business.

And the bigger the business the entrepreneur builds…

…the more problems they have (and the more help they require from YOU… the coach).

Why don’t entrepreneurs organize?

It’s not because they can’t… It’s usually because they WON’T…

It just doesn’t excite them.

Luckily, they feel the pain when they’re lacking organization, and that organization itch is something that I’m happy to scratch as their coach.

For example, Dan (an entrepreneur client) is a classic entrepreneur that runs their business by the ‘seat of his pants’.

He would tell me, “My strategic plan is in my head.”

Unfortunately, his head was a disorganized mess.

I helped him organize his strategic plan in writing… getting his ideas into a final written plan that everyone on his team could understand and follow.

I told Dan that if he didn’t get his plan organized:

**He wouldn’t remember priorities.

**His team would never understand what he was planning.

**His team wouldn’t be able to track their progress to realizing Dan’s vision.

**No one would understand what anyone else on the team was really up to.

**The business would ultimately lose direction, stagnate, and DIE.

After that browbeating, Dan decided that organization is pretty important inside a strategic plan…

Organizing sets up this game of business in such a way where THE GAME CAN BE PLAYED…


Otherwise, your client becomes one of the 93% of businesses that FAIL in their first decade of existence.

THE POINT: Part of the ‘business planning process’ must be to ORGANIZE.

This video shows how I facilitate ORGANIZING the businesses plan during strategic planning retreats:

I also put together a one-page summary of the ORGANIZATION step of the strategic planning process I use… you can download the PDF HERE:

Business Plan Coaching – Helping Clients Build a Strategic Plan – Step THREE: Organize

I hope this helps… leave a comment with any questions or ideas.



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