What exactly will you get and experience when you join the Dream Clients Blueprint?

Is this group business coaching programme right for you?

This guided tour will show you exactly what is included in this high-touch group business coaching programme, so you can make a confident and informed decision.


If you want to create a business that is profitable, has a positive impact on the lives of others, and supports your lifestyle, then you need to have clarity and confidence in the following areas:

* The right business model and processes for you
* Your niche / dream clients
* The value you offer and how to communicate this
* Your offer, product suite and pricing
* How to sell and market with confidence, integrity and meaning
* Set motivating goals and a straight-forward plan to achieve them

Achieving this alone is hard. That’s why hiring a business coach to guide, support and encourage you can be so impactful.

The Dream Clients Blueprint (DCB) programme helps you achieve all the above with weekly personal feedback and support from award-winning business coach, Melitta Campbell, every step of the way.

With the group size being extremely small, and Melitta being extremely present, you’ll quickly experience an upturn not just in your business, but in your self-belief, energy and motivation too.

In as little as 12-weeks** you’ll walk away with:


* Complete clarity around your business model, brand, offers, pricing…
* A pitch that’s so good you’ll want to buy your service yourself!
* A customised marketing plan that you know how to implement
* More control, energy, time and freedom
* A robust mindset, increased self-belief, and the confidence that you do have what it takes to build your dream business and lifestyle (if you haven’t already by the end of our work together).


There are of course pros and cons to both private and group business coaching options. Here are some points to consider:

Private Business Coaching


: Costs upwards of £1,000 per month
: It can be an intensive experience – you need to be prepared to make the most of it


: All the advice and feedback is focused on you and your business
: You can ask as many questions as you like
: Results may be achieved faster due to the personal attention you receive

DCB Group Business Coaching


: With up to 12 members in the group you may only be able to ask one-two questions per week
: You need to be comfortable sharing your business and progress with others present


: You get personalised feedback on your work and online presence
: It’s the equivalent of several business courses rolled into one, saving you money and sanity ***
: You learn from the questions and experiences of others in the group
: You have the support of a community
: You have unlimited 121 Turbo Calls to support your results
: It’s a more affordable option: from £300 per month


If you feel that the Dream Clients Blueprint programme could be for you. Book a call with Melitta Campbell to learn more and apply for your place:

** The core 12-modules of the programme can be completed in 12-weeks. But, recognising that ‘life happens’ + that every business, + business owner, is different, you can take 6-months or more to complete the programme.

This also gives you ample time to enjoy the many bonus business-building courses + content within the Dream Clients Blueprint online portal.

My goal is for you to get the results that you require + feel 100% supported every step of the way, without ever feeling under pressure or overwhelmed.

To learn more + apply for your place, visit:

*** The DCB is like several courses rolled into one.

Buying separate courses on core business topics comes with many challenges:
* There’s overlap + repetition.
* Little consistency of advice
* Not all align with your values + objectives.
* They take time to complete one by one
* The combined cost can be high!

The DCB by contrast, brings several courses together so you get consistent advice that all fits together.

Equivalent courses contained within the DCB include:

* Defining your Vision, Values + Purpose
* Designing your client-getting Website
* Social Media: strategy (LI, FB, Tw, Insta), what to post, how to get clients etc.
* Creating + delivering your Winning Pitch
* Entrepreneurial Mindset + Confidence
* Communication strategy
* Marketing Planning, Goals, Strategy + Implementation
* Sales: mindset, process, calls, follow up
* Productivity: practical tools + mindset
* Networking: complete course from the author of A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking
* Pricing, Branding, Processes, Wellbeing, Public Speaking…+ so much more.

Taking these programmes individually would cost you £10,000 or more.

To learn more + apply for your DCB place, visit:

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