The most common question I get asked is How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?

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In this video I explain the five ways that business coaches charge and what to look out for when you’re looking to hire a business coach:

0:00 – How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?
1:08 – Business Coaching is an Investment
3:43 – Free Business Coaching Advice (on YouTube)
5:24 – Business Courses
7:04 – Hourly Rate Business Coaching
10:15 – Expert/Transformational Business Coaches
15:14 – The “Gooroo” Coach and @Tony Robbins

Business Coaching can vary from free (see YouTube and free courses like on Udemy) to incredibly expensive (think Tony Robbins and $1m per year to work with the guy…but he’s good, right?!). So, how much does a coach cost?

And then the various type of business coaches who fall in between on my coaching bandwidth model.

These include the:

– DIY/Course Builder Coach who sells you a course but rarely helps you with the implementation and never gives you their time on a 1-to-1 coaching basis. When a DIY/Course Builder Coach is posed the question, “How much does a coach cost?” They hate that question and struggle to answer it because they’re not confident in the value they deliver.

– The Value Business Coach who is only interested in selling you their time for somewhere between £50-£250 per hour). It’s within their best interests (not yours) to sell you more coaching hours each month so that they can pay THEIR mortgage and put food on THEIR table. They panic when you want to leave (i.e. you’re no longer getting value for money) because they can’t pay THEIR bills.

Here’s my video on why Charging By the Hour is Unethical:

– The Expert Business Coach who focuses solely on getting the best results for you and your business. They lose sleep at night trying to figure out how to grow YOUR business. They put skin in the game by offering moneyback guarantees on their coaching programmes.

Yes expert business coaches are more expensive that the other types of coaches but they will do everything within their power to deliver a significant return on your investment.

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