Importance of having a Business Coach or Mentor is getting accepted now. Especially as every business is going through disruptions or breakthroughs, it is important to have a business coach who can help you develop the right business strategies. However, choosing the right business mentor has always been a challenge. All motivational speakers claim to be business coaches too, but the majority of them have never exposed to any business. Many businessmen have ruined their business by implementing strategies provided by motivational trainers having absolutely no business experience

Sajeev Nair, internationally acclaimed Business Mentor and Strategic Consultant share his views on how to choose the right Business Mentor. More than a million people have gone through his motivational training, tens and thousands of entrepreneurs have undergone his business coaching sessions and more than 300 companies in India and the Middle East have used his services to re-engineer and scale up their businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, he has created 5 successful businesses in wellness, hospitality, IT, Business Consulting and Network Marketing. Hence his views about success are practical and can be applied in day to day business operations.


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