Lots of famous folks like Tyler J. McCall are closing shop and leaving online business or coaching. Some say the bubble is bursting…but it’s just not that simple.

Grifts, pyramid schemes, and programs that promise “easy money” are part of the historical fabric of capitalism. There will always be more people desperate to “get rich quick.”

People leaving coaching and online business aren’t evidence that THE bubble is bursting but that THEIR bubble is bursting. They are burned out and, more than anything, realizing that the only ways to continue “scaling” at massive rates are unsustainable and unethical…

Coaches aren’t going away. The world is hurting right now and there will always be people who want a magic pill.

What we’re seeing is turnover.

For all the burned out folks leaving, there are endless ready to come in and take their place.

Why do you think so many business coaches target BRAND NEW entrepreneurs or hopefuls eager to give their “two weeks notice” (the title of Amy Porterfield’s upcoming book targeting people who want to quit their day job and make the leap into online business).

Because this audience is green and hasn’t been around long enough to notice the patterns.

This is how folks like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi continue to scale. With partners like Jenna Kutcher who give them access to a brand new audience of folks who’ve never heard their sales pitch.

Folks who don’t realize much of their business advice is available free on Google.

Filling a funnel with newbie entrepreneurs is part of the strategy for gaining “transformational” testimonials.

The info people like Marie Forleo sell in programs like B-School is elementary but to a new entrepreneur who has never heard this stuff before, it feels MIND BLOWING.

So do I think the coaching “bubble” is bursting FOREVER? No.

Yes, I think we can expect more regulation.

But just like “diet pills,” sellers will simply adapt and change their methods.

Coaching weaponizes the desperation people feel within capitalism.

As long as people are hurting, others will sell to that pain.

Who doesn’t want any easy way out?

Tale as old as time.

The problem is the system that puts profit over people. Not a few unethical coaches.

I also see many folks peddling the message that wealth building is a feminist endpoint, in and of itself. That the key to liberating women, specifically, is to talk more openly with each other about building wealth.

But this denies the reality of this economic system.

Extreme wealth (or wealth, in general) is literally impossible for all, or even MOST people, within this system.

Selling wealth as the solution without a critical analysis of the reality of capitalism is just more of the same.

I do support marginalized communities whose wealth has been stolen from them through slavery, as well as social and economic injustice, reclaiming what was stolen from them.

But more often than not it is white women who peddle the concept of wealth building as a way of sticking it to the system. But the system IS the system because it is based on building wealth at any cost and only allowing that opportunity to a tiny fraction of the world’s people. Expanding that fraction to include more extreme wealth hoarding for white women, specifically, is not the answer we need.

We can’t buy (or sell) our way to a better world!


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