As a professor of neuroscience as well as psychology and also the director of the Center for Human Sleep at UC Berkeley, Matthew Walker is a professional on rest. In this class, he will brighten the scientific research behind sleep and educate you just how to boost the quality as well as quantity of your rest.

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Matthew Walker has actually had what he calls a 20-year relationship with the science of rest. Originally from Liverpool in the U.K., Matthew is a teacher of neuroscience and also psychology as well as the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at UC Berkeley.

He’s published greater than 100 scientific research studies on sleep and has actually committed himself to unlocking the enigma of why we rest and, inevitably, assisting people all over the world sleep much better. His successful book, Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams, was published in 2017.

This on-line class includes lessons on:
– What Sleep Is and also How It Works
– How to Prevent Sleep Debt
– The Act of Dreaming
– How Alcohol and also Caffeine Affect Sleep
– Sleep Across Our Life Span
– Overnight Therapy
– Diet and Sleep
– Sleep as well as the Human Body
– How to Sleep Better
– How to Reclaim Your Sleep

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