Justin Dampier from @Gorilla_grub_meal_prep_
Currently does 400-1,000+ meals per week
San Antonio Texas

He needed help with his business operation so we got a plan written down for him. He can now take this and make changes, edits, and show his staff his standards and procedures on how his meal prep business works. Everyones operations are different. As you can see his price point is roughly $8/meal with a $5 delivery charge in the state of Texas.

Work with me!
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For the 1-hour of consultation by Nico Murillo:

Dm @Murillo_Fit or
Secure your spot and send $40 to:

venmo @nicomurillo94





Face-Time 1-hour 1-on-1 strategy session

Do you want to learn about how to start your very own successful meal prep business?

What you can learn from me:

My first mistakes in business
Helpful tips
Legal: Permits and licenses required?
Location: Home Kitchen or Commercial Kitchen?
Marketing: Getting your first client!
Logistics: Pick-up or delivery model?
Finance: Book keeper or Google Sheets?
Conversion rates: what is the shrinkage rate on certain proteins?
Hiring: When should I hire?

Come prepared with questions! I got the answers!

I look forward to working with you on this journey!

Let’s get your operations down!

Link to something just like this:

The session will take about 1-hour

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