🔹 Business coaching session ≠ Training
🔹 Business coaching session ≠ Mentoring
🔹 Business coaching session ≠ Psychotherapy
🔹 Business coaching session ≠ Consulting
🔹 Business coaching session ≠ Sports coaching

Although business coaching is not equal to the above, it does contain some elements of each discipline.

🎯 Business coaching is essentially a guided conversation leading you to solutions to your business problems, achieving your business goals, and your personal and professional development. We normally start with the free initial session, where we check your expectations, readiness for coaching and define coaching topics. Coaching topics can vary from your annual revenue goals, the state of your marketing and sales, making difficult decisions, employee motivation issues, skills that need to be acquired or improved, etc.

❓ Your coach will guide you by asking powerful questions and briefly explaining concepts that will be discussed. One of the greatest benefits of coaching is that the questions themselves lead you to find solutions within yourself. These solutions motivate and inspire you to take action unlike the solutions offered to you by others.

🔑 Coaching sessions are strictly confidential, last one hour, and may require some additional “homework” between sessions.
Why do you need coaching?
💎 You will learn how to properly set your goals.
💎 You will feel motivated to take immediate action.
💎 You will receive valuable feedback.
💎 You will experience many eye-opening moments.
💎 You will clearly see where you want to go and how to get there.
💎 You will lead your professional and personal life the way you want it to be.

📣 We invite you to check out our business coaching demo session to see what it looks like in practice.

Video creation and editing: Dragan Antonijević
Coach: Zoran Metikoš
Coachee: Gordana Antonijević

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