The Consciously Alive CEO is a multi-dimensional Business Coaching Program led by Phoebe Greenacre.

The business course is a 12-Week, interactive and video-based training program that teaches smart and energetically aligned business building strategies. It’s a place to ideate, create and scale a business that works for you… not the other way around. Plus, you’ll be doing it with a global community of like minded, passionate and visionary women.

Do you want to quit the 9-5?
Do you want to be your own CEO?
Do you want to have as much freedom in your life as you choose?

Phoebe’s experience includes:
+ 15 Years in Business, Startups + Entrepreneurship
+ 7 Years in Holistic Healing + Therapy
+ Host of the Consciously Alive Podcast
+ Founder of The Self Care Space
+ Co Founder Silou London
+ Successfully sold 1 global company
+ 600HR+ of Yoga teacher trainings
+ ISMETA Certified Somatic Therapist
+ Bachelor of International Business and Japanese

For more information, please visit for next enrolment dates:

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