How can Africans in the diaspora support their family members in a more sustainable way? Do you know about grants? Which role does the business coach play?

On 20.05.2022, the Kenyan WiDU Consultants Team (Simeon Kirui, Founder of Kepic Commercials Germany and Caroline Mwangi, Co-Founder of AG-Career Hub) hosted an information session mobilizing Kenyans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to apply for the grants and support small businesses in Kenya.

During the session, the consultants gave insights on how to apply for the grants and convert business ideas into the WIDU concept. Apart from the business grants, is geared towards offering non financial support to entrepreneurs to help them apply sustainability in their business models. We had the honour of hosting one of the WIDU coaches who have us an intensive overview of the role the coach plays in coaching the entrepreneur.

Please note that for one to apply for the grant, you need a diaspora donor based in the partner countries with Africans based in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Finland together with their entrepreneurs based in Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Ethiopia, Togo and Tunisia can apply for the grants and support small businesses back home.

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