By definition, Business coaches are typically expert entrepreneurs or executives who know how to grow successful businesses. They share that experience to help other business owners reach their goals. … That may include things like defining goals, crafting strategies for growth, or devising a plan for reviving a struggling brand.

A coach in any sport, for example, helps you work on things or areas that need to improve. They critique you, they give you advice and they help you overcome obstacles. They should also help you continue to improve on the things you are best at. They want to make you BETTER!

With business coaching, I come in and understand the elements and areas of your business that are succeeding and areas that might be struggling.

I want to help you avoid mistakes that I have made in my years of owning businesses. I have lived and learned – and now I want to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

The School of Construction Selling Online Course:

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Mike Claudio is a seasoned sales and business development professional with 15+ years of sales and sales leadership experience. He has helped several construction companies grow from a leadership position and decided to turn that into a career as a sales consultant and coach for professionals in the construction industry via starting WinRate Consulting in early 2018. So far Mike has worked with over 25 companies and helped several grow by 7-figures in process.

Mike is driven by helping business owners and sales professionals reach their potential by teaching his best practices created through on the job training with sales and leadership roles in several types of industries and business types along the way. He is a published author, a professional speaker, multiple business owner, Father, and Husband.

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