Hello Wig Makers! here are some details of what to expect with WIGMAKING101 in February 2021. Please visit the website to register for courses or for more information.


🪡 CPD Course – Every Sunday 2pm EST
(Registration expected to re-open Feb 15th)

🛄Business Tax Prep Workshop
Monday, February 8th 7pm CST/8pm EST

❤️Valentines Day Break (Sunday, Feb. 14)

📑 Business Coaching Program – What’s it ALL About!
Monday, February 15th @ 7pm EST (4pm PST/6pm CST)

📝 First Certified Wig Maker’s Meeting
Monday, February 28th @ 12pm EST

If you are a current student and you are not a certified wig maker

📆 Certification Course – Starts Monday, March 15th @ 2pm EST (Registration begins Feb 15th)

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