Remote Recruiter Masterclass

This course will teach you the exact step-by-step system I used, to make $15000+ monthly as a Remote Independent Recruiter without any direct contracts. How to Start-Up without any money How to Set up Remotely How to Brand your Services How to Select your niche Industry How to Market your services How to get paid without direct Contracts How to find candidates and how candidates find you How to put your services on AUTOSELL How to create a brand that sells This in-depth course is for everyone who seeks a profitable entrepreneurial opportunity that they can dive into without any start-up costs. It's also for newbies and expert recruiters who know that they can earn more, those seeking flexibility, freedom, and better income. The course is also highly recommended and useful for anyone looking to start a Staffing Agency or Recruitment Business. Are you ready to scale up your life and income? Then get started with this course today!


Healthcare Training Business Masterclass

This course will cover in-depth all the details and step-by-step processes required to set up a healthcare training business: How to Set Up Your Business How to Set up Remotely How to Select the Right Courses How to Fund Your Business How to Become Accredited/Affiliate How to Find Students & how they find you How to put your services on AUTOSELL How to Market your School How to Establish Partnerships much more... It expands your knowledge and understanding of the benefits, pros, and challenges of diving into the highly profitable education and healthcare industry as a training faculty. The entire program consists of 6 detailed courses, live calls every week, interactive webinars, workbooks to build mastery, and seminars. The time range for the entire program is 6-12 months, it can also be completed within 90days at an accelerated pace, it all depends on your preferences

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